With 20+ years of experience in website building, project managing, and advertising – it’s safe to say that we can do the annoying and tedious tech things for you 🙂 We save you time while making you money.


Sounds perfect, right?


Some of our clients generate 6-7 figures annually, but if that’s not enough to get your attention, then here’s a small list of tasks we take over for you:


– Hosting set up with nearly 24/7 support on dedicated or semi-dedicated servers. Built to handle thousands of concurrent users.


– Deploy responsive mobile/desktop website on WordPress with theme/plugin configuration, weekly and critical updates as needed.


– Manage and optimize ads for increased revenue if and when possible. Use website optimizing, predictions, and stats analysis to determine variables that increase CTR%. Reduce/remove low performing ads.


– Negotiate with ad companies for higher rates, if possible. Avoid low-paying companies begging for test space.


– Troubleshoot issues with hosting and developers as needed. Some
developers/hosts may require additional billing for custom work outside the scope of normal support.


– Manage custom code/design projects with developers/designers, if needed.


– Provide coaching/writing tips that help improve site speed, article
structure, and other tactics to help increase revenue and/or reader


– Generate email leads to grow your newsletter.



15% of website revenue from ads + cost of plugins/design/creatives as needed. The additional costs are usually once per year or month and are required for licensing of software or services rendered, like membership plugins or a custom logo.


We can also do hourly rates of $100 per hour. Every project and price is different , so we will decide the best plan forward based on your needs.


My rates do NOT include any revenue you generate from other sources, such as newsletters, promotions on socials, or other forms of income. It is ONLY connected to ads shown/ad space sold on your website.


Extra services available for an additional fee:

logo/social media page design ($200), social media page/ad strategy consultation ($100 per hour), website/writing/content coaching ($100 per hour), newsletter training ($100 per hour), SEO audit/training ($100 per hour), article and copywriting (outsourced to writers as they’re available, at various rates), custom code projects (variable rates depending on scope of the project and developer’s hourly rates)


We’ve worked on/with/for the following websites in the past: Philly Voice, Daily Caller, Biz Pac Review, Trending Politics, The American Tribune, Trending Views, Raw Dog Sports, Fired Up Gaming, Crankers, Shirt Hogs, Frank’s Food Blog, and many others.


When you’re ready, come and get it.

You’ll be working directly with Frank Bojazi.

Send an email to 1215xx @ gmail to get started.


We have 18/25 spots filled, so get in now before you’re locked out and stuck doing your own tech/advertising work for another year 🙂