Advertising always comes last. Your first goal is to provide quality content and value. If your website sucks, then readers won’t return anyway. You should know that it’s going to be a possibly long and slow process deciding which ads work best for you. You may not get accepted into every ad company right away because they like to approve sites who are getting some traffic and have a good amount of content.

That’s completely normal.

Beware of scammers! There are people who offer to manage your websites and ads and demand 35% of your revenue! They are out of their mind AND ripping you off. Your hosting rep helps you for free. Your ad reps help you for free. You do NOT need someone else to do this for you at the cost of losing ANY of your revenue, unless you are simply too busy to do it and you want an expert on it – but not everyone is an expert. Keep that in mind.

There’s people who say “I can get you better rates” – but they cannot. No one can get better rates. I’ve worked with ad companies since 1997 and ad companies feed you a bullshit line to get your business, but no – they can’t get more money out of the ad BUYER on the other end.

When it comes to placing ads on your site, that part is easy. What you can do is test and optimize advertising until you have the perfect combination that gets the best results. That takes time, knowledge, and know how. The hard part is finding out the perfect combination of when, where, and what ads will give you the highest revenue gains. That’s where guys like me come in and run through my strategic tests and analysis. I’ve worked on tons of sites and just about every one of them has increased revenue through my work.

If you really need an expert on this, then contact me anytime and we’ll discuss your project.

If you’re not sure who to use for ads, then please contact me and I’ll help you with that too. Every website is different, so I won’t list any ad companies here. I want you to succeed, not waste time testing ad types that will never convert on your content.


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