I use Mojo Host. The prices are great, the support is 24/7, and the speeds are amazing. If you’re on another host now and paying too much, then you can switch to Mojo Host and they will migrate your site for free. You do NOT need to know any technical things, as they will take care of it for you.

If you’re just getting started, then all you need is a small SSD shared hosting plan – nothing else. SSD, solid state drives, are fast! You can get this for about $10 a month and upgrade whenever you need to. The host will upgrade you too, so don’t worry about knowing technical stuff!

Now this is important. Do NOT let anyone tell you to buy a hosting plan that is a massive server or ‘premium WordPress host’ when you’re just starting out. Even if you’ve been doing this for years, do not get oversold. A lot of sales reps like to sell you hosting that you don’t need.

Those fancy “premium” overpriced WordPress hosts cost 2-5 times the amount too – why would anyone pay for  that? If any host tries to sell you a “cPanel” or “control panel” – just say no. You don’t really need this. Once your host is setup, it’s set it and forget it until you outgrow it.

Save your money and get fast hosting for cheap prices at Mojo Host.


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