What kind of person are you? Do you view other websites as competition? Do you try to keep all the website visitors to yourself? Do you think everyone is out to steal your ideas and do better than you?


Do you see other websites as a valuable tool, an asset, and a way to network with like minded people and grow your websites together? Do you see someone who can trade ideas, tips, tricks, and work together to further
growth for both of your projects?

Only one of these mindsets is the way to success, and let me tell you – it’s not the first one.

When I email other webmasters or bloggers, or they email me, I view that communication as a way to network and see how we can help each other. What can we do to push each other to the next level? What can we do to elevate our projects and leverage each other’s talent, skills, and abilities?

One thing I have noticed, especially with political bloggers, is the lack of trust, communication, and networking. There are hundreds or thousands of tiny political blogs who barely catch a wind of traffic and it’s because they don’t work together enough with other owners.

Now is the time to get our mentality right and view each other as friendly competitors who help each other, work  together, and grow our websites faster and bigger.

There is TONS OF VALUE in networking and team work.


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